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Portsmouth FC Colours

While there have been subtle changes made throughout the clubs history, the main changes to Portsmouth's strip are described below.

1898 – 1909
The first Portsmouth FC kit with a salmon pink shirt, white shorts, and maroon socks.

1909 – 1911
A change to white shirts, blue shorts and socks.

1911 – 1947
Blue shirts, white shorts and black socks.

1947 – 2008
A subtle change to red socks with occasional yellow / gold secondary colours.

2008 – 2009
Blue, Blue, and … Blue.



Portsmouth FC Crest

The ‘smiley crest’ of Portsmouth is one of the most recognisable crests to be found in English football. It’s origins are thought to lie in the fact that King Richard I once granted the city of Portsmouth "a crescent of gold on a shade of azure, with a blazing star of eight points". The symbol became known to King Richard after he captured Cyprus.

Several versions of the crest have been sported over the years, including the gold colours being replaced with white during the 50s and 60s because it was cheaper !
Other designs have been tried such as the sword and anchor in the 1980s, and the coat of arms of Portsmouth. The current version of the crest was unveiled in May 2008.

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