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Portsmouth Football Club History : 1898 – 1939

Portsmouth FC was formed by a brewery owner (John Brickwood) and the club’s first manager Frank Brettell. 1898 produced the first Southern League match and it was won 1-0, followed swiftly by a further win against Southampton. In fact that first season saw Portsmouth FC win 20 from a possible 28 matches in the league, and the club duly finished in second place. Relegation followed the season afterwards, prompting a change of manager. Robert Brown took over the role and quickly gained promotion for the club.

Following World War One, Portsmouth once again won the Southern league and they arrived in the third division for the 1920 / 1921 season. Portsmouth could only manage a 12th position that year but won it two years later. The 1926 / 1927 season saw some of the best football played by Portsmouth FC so far, they claimed a 2nd place in division 2, securing an impressive 9-1 victory over Notts County in the process !

The impressive form which had become the norm began to fray around the edges with the teams debut in the first division.. Over two seasons Portsmouth FC lost the FA Cup Final to Bolton Wanderers and were the victims of a 10-0 thrashing by Leicester City. History repeated itself in the 1933 / 1934 season as a Cup Final victory escaped the team again, this time at the hands of Manchester City.

The tables were turned eventually in 1939 when Portsmouth struck a convincing blow against Wolves in a 4-1 win in their third FA Cup Final. Interestingly, because World War Two postponed the cup until 1945, Portsmouth still hold the record for holding onto the FA Cup for the longest uninterrupted period.

Portsmouth FC Win the 1939 FA Cup
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